Free Homemade Hair Care Recipes - Hair Treatments

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free homemade hair care recepiesMany people might be facing with problems such as hair loss, dry hair, split ends and so on. If this is your problem, then you should follow these free tips which can be prepared at home. Making your own shampoo at home it's very easy and cost-effective.

You just need a few all-natural ingredients to make hair cleansing shampoos. These recipes really work and you will save money over any brand name version. Making your own shampoo is fun and all these homemade hair care can be prepared at your home and customized just the way that you like it.

Remedies for Oily Hair Hair becomes oily because of excess secretion of oil. Oily hair look nice and healthy for a very short time after shampooing but becomes greasy later. You should frequently wash them. Here are some homemade recipes.

1. Homemade Shampoo based on chickpeas flour can efficiently absorb oil and greasy Ingredients: - one large tablespoon of chickpeas flour - 250 ml of lukewarm water - two tables pons on white vinegar -one empty container of shampoo

Preparation: Just insert the flour into an empty container, then add the water and then the vinegar vigorously shake the small container in order to amalgamate the 3 ingredients to be used in small doses. This should be applied on the scalp massaging gently and rinse after few minutes.

2. Shampoo based on white clay "which is very popular in cosmetic applications and skin care" can also be used for greasy hair

Ingredients: - four tablespoons of white clay powder - two drops of lemon essence oil - a small glass half full of water

Preparation: Put all the ingredients into a container and mix vigorously. This biological shampoo can be used immediately Rinse your hair with perfumed water by using your favorite lemon essence oil

1 - A light shampoo is to be used for oily hair. 2 - One teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel should be mixed with one tablespoon of lemon juice along with one-fourth of organic shampoo. Use this recipe for washing them regularly.

Remedies for Dry Hair Dry hair look a bit be rough. Hair gets dried when oil glands cannot secrete enough oil. Lot of nourishment is necessary for dry hair.

Preparation 1 - Take two tablespoons of gram flour and add to a cup of coconut milk and apply on the scalp massaging gently. Rinse after few minutes. This very effective method should be used once a week.

2 - A teaspoon of lavender oil should be added a teaspoon coconut oil. Apply this method at night and shampoo the next morning. Use it twice a week to obtain a soft and shiny hair.

3 - Mix equal amounts of olive oil and honey and apply it for 30 minutes and then rinse off with cold water.

Tips for Normal Hair Normal hair does not require much care. Use these easy recipes for a simple hair care.

1 - One teaspoon of fenugreek seeds to be soaked for ten hours. Then ground the seeds and apply to the hair. After one hour, rinse and wash with an organic shampoo.

2 -You can get a nice healthy look to normal hair care by washing hair with white wine vinegar periodically.